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Folded panel reflects light from BO Lamp by Bandido Studio

Mexico’s Bandido Studio collaborated with designer Cesar Núñez to create this table lamp, featuring a

Moss-covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution

A mossy “living wall” with the pollution-absorbing power equivalent to hundreds of trees has been installed

Coil + Drift’s furniture and lighting is designed from a dancer’s perspective

New York design studio Coil + Drift’s spring collection includes translucent hooped lights, simple

Pentatonic and Snarkitecture create Fractured furniture from recycled waste

Startup company Pentatonic has collaborated with Snarkitecture to create a collection of modular furniture made from recycled waste, including cans, computer parts

A/D/O calls on designers to imagine the future of drinking water

Brooklyn creative space A/D/O is inviting architects and designers to submit proposals that tackle issues facing