The Differences Between Tennis & Badminton

Other than being played with rackets on a court or grassy area with a

How to Reduce the Grip Size of Tennis Rackets

Playing tennis with the wrong grip size can cause the racket to twist in

What Is Ad Court in Tennis?

The ad court in tennis is the left side of the court as you’re

How to Put a Damper on a Tennis Racket

While many people believe a tennis racket vibration dampener absorbs ball/racket impact shock and

Light-Based ‘Tractor Beam’ Precisely Assembles Nanoscale Structures

Modern construction is a precision endeavor. Builders must use components manufactured to meet specific

Study Finds Free Internet Access Should Be a Basic Human Right

Free internet access must be considered as a human right, as people unable to

Inexpensive Sensor to Save Lives of Children, Pets Left in Vehicles

A small, inexpensive sensor could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or

Mountain Gravity Energy Storage – Environmental Long-Term Energy Storage

The storage of energy for long periods of time is subject to special challenges.

Folded panel reflects light from BO Lamp by Bandido Studio

Mexico’s Bandido Studio collaborated with designer Cesar Núñez to create this table lamp, featuring a

Moss-covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution

A mossy “living wall” with the pollution-absorbing power equivalent to hundreds of trees has been installed

Coil + Drift’s furniture and lighting is designed from a dancer’s perspective

New York design studio Coil + Drift’s spring collection includes translucent hooped lights, simple

Pentatonic and Snarkitecture create Fractured furniture from recycled waste

Startup company Pentatonic has collaborated with Snarkitecture to create a collection of modular furniture made from recycled waste, including cans, computer parts

A/D/O calls on designers to imagine the future of drinking water

Brooklyn creative space A/D/O is inviting architects and designers to submit proposals that tackle issues facing

A 25-foot statue of a half-naked Jeff Goldblum appeared in front of Tower Bridge in London


Time to say ‘hello’ to Andrea Bocelli’s new beach resort


Check this website before you book an apartment in Barcelona


The Dolomites’ Sella Pass restricts car access to safeguard environment


Game of Thrones just wrapped its final season; here’s where it was filmed


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Whistler’s epic views just got easier to reach with this new suspension bridge


Defy gravity on China’s new record-breaking glass bridge


Pesi designs homeware that incorporates wireless charging


Klemens Schillinger’s Substitute Phone aims to help overcome smartphone addiction


Layer’s ceramic trays can wirelessly charge electronic devices


Aston Martin takes to the skies with first aircraft concept


Pop-out ADcase acts like airbag for your phone


Matteo Bandi’s device-powered objects designed to beat smartphone addiction


MIT’s blind Cheetah 3 robot can navigate without sensors or cameras